A journey that is solely yours Wandering at night through gold colored grass and the outline of ancient branches. Sheer tapestries glow by candle light, there is a door that is always open. A soft soul welcomes you, your oldest new friend. He is the Electric Shaman and your guide in this journey that is solely yours. Enter with an open heart and mind for you are about to connect deeper than you have ever known. Sound, ancient electrical rhythms of our existence, the language of our own heart. There you will find yourself.

Religious Experience I connected with my emotions on a level I’d never experienced. I felt right where I was supposed to be–like a religious experience. It’s hard to let your energy, spirit, and mind work together without controlling it. This allows you to do just that. Thank you!

Bathing the soul Sensory stimulating sounds, cascading hums, and body-spirit connection echo in the mind and through the bones. It is such an honor to be here. You’re bathing the soul in acoustic waves.

A meditative state This was like entering into a completely meditative state, completely immersed, lost in feeling. I could connect with my feelings and use that reflection. It put me in the state of mind to challenge myself.

Everything I needed Shut your mind off and let your body, spirit and soul do its own work–I was just along for the ride. It was everything I needed but didn’t know how to ask for. It helped to integrate so much recent healing and bring it into my body in a way I haven’t felt before.

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