What does the experience do?

This traveling art installation fully immerses your mind and body in sound, creating a once in a lifetime musical journey.

What does the experience feel like?

Psycho-acoustic sound immersion is a truly unique form of art not comparable to anything else that we or other participants have encountered. The approach is not unlike some forms of sensory deprivation. In this form, audible sounds and stimulating tactile sensations are delivered in a way in which the other senses melt away and the participant becomes fully immersed in sound. The impact is that of sounds and deep vibrations pulsing through and around you. Since your feelings are yours alone, the experience will be unique to you and may be challenging to describe. Feedback has always been overwhelmingly positive!

Why is it called the electric shaman?

Kyle, the inventor, is a sound engineer who had a life changing experience one festival evening when serendipity caused him to cross paths with a shaman. The shaman invited him into his space and performed a ritual involving drums and chanting, fully immersing him with sound and vibration. This inspired Kyle to create a modern version of a shamanic ritual. His art combines ancient tradition with modern technology, using his knowledge in sound engineering and psycho-acoustics to produce a once in a lifetime musical experience.

Is religion involved?

Music is an ancient and sacred form of expression. We sincerely believe anyone can have a religious experience, with or without religion, or a belief in the supernatural.

Who is this experience for?

Anyone intrigued and anyone skeptical, as long as you are open to experiencing the art of this unique musical journey.

What is involved during the experience?

Participants will lay on their back in a beautiful, intimate space we create specifically for this experience–designed for feeling cozy and comfortable.

A combination of speakers and headphones will be placed on your body, with the primary focus being your core and the palms of your hands.

After the speakers are set up, you will be left alone for a few minutes to close your eyes and relax. The sound immersion will begin. At this time, you will be fully immersed in music and vibration.

When the music has ended, you will feel deeply relaxed or in a trance-like state, and may need five to fifteen minutes to return to a normal state of consciousness.

It is best to keep your eyes closed and remain still, as the effects often continue even after the music ends.

You will continue to lie down during this period for about 5 minutes. The speakers and headphones will be gently removed. You will then get up slowly and be guided to a mellow space to contemplate your journey.

How can I participate in this experience?

This wandering art installation is available to travel to public and private events. We also host parties where we set up a sound immersion room. We would love to bring this experience to you! Contact us for more details.

What type of music is involved? Can I choose my own?

Kyle composes and arranges his own original electronic scores of varying styles. He is able to accommodate special requests as an additional service if time permits, as this custom arrangement will take approximately one calendar month to prepare.

What is Shamanism?

Traditionally, shamanism is a practice that involves reaching altered states of consciousness. The experience grants access to, and influence in, the world of magic or benevolent spirits, typically entering into a trance state during a ritual and practices divination and healing.



  • Stress/anxiety relief
  • Deep relaxation
  • Sound meditation
  • Musical journeying
  • Groovy states
  • Sensation of being underwater

May cause

  • Elevated awareness
  • Improved focus
  • Concentration
  • Heightening of the senses
  • Emotional release
  • Increased body awareness

On the extreme end of the spectrum, you may experience

  • Altered states of consciousness
  • Out of body experiences
  • Musical godliness
  • Seriously trippy sh*t
  • Afterglow

Effects can resonate for days, weeks or a lifetime.

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