sound immersion

This traveling, interactive art installation provides a unique experience that combines music, technology, and a modern approach to shamanism. It is a sonic ritual with no religious affiliation other than a deep reverence for music.

We create a beautiful, warm, candle lit temple within an event. Participants are welcome into this enchanting space to experience the sound immersion individually. During the immersion participants will lay on their back. Headphones and 5 additional speakers will be placed on top of their;

    • throat
    • chest
    • lower abdomen
    • hands

Sound Immersion Music will begin, vibrating and traveling throughout the body. The experience creates sensations unique to each individual and can range from a feeling of calm relaxation and serenity, to intense euphoria and heightening of all the senses.

Some fall into a meditative, dreamlike trance. Some experience the sensation of swimming under water or traveling through lush forests. Others describe psychedelic journeys where time has no meaning and sounds become a kaleidoscope of vivid colors and shapes.

Some are induced with a profound sense of self realization, followed by an intense emotional release and inner peace.

Many feel as if they have been slowly carried into the sky, through space, and gently set back down to earth.

Each experience is as unique as the individual embarking on this once in a lifetime musical journey.

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